GDPR and cookies

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I'm working on a new and exciting project, Cookiebot, which is a solution that makes your use of cookie and online tracking GDPR compliant.

And what is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a EU-wide regulation that protects the privacy and personal data of EU-citizens. The acronym stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. 

The purpose is to protect the fundamental rights to their own data of “natural persons”, i.e. you and me. 

The GDPR enters into force the 25 May 2018 and has vast repercussion for all who process personal data. 

Personal data is all data that can identify an individual, either by itself or in combination with other data. 

Therefore, not only name, contact info, photos and the like are considered personal, but also posts on social media for example, or behaviour data tracked by cookies, that reveal the cultural profile of users. 

Organizations are data processors, but also smaller agents such as websites and blogs. 

Usually, websites collect user data by means of cookies. Often, this happens without the website owner even being aware of it. 

If you own a website or a blog, you should be prepared for the GDPR and take measures to make your use of cookies compliant before the 25 May. 

Read more about the GDPR and cookie consent.

If you have a WordPress-site, you can become compliant in a few easy steps by getting a cookie plugin for your website. 

Be sure to do some research and ensure that you choose one, that complies with the EU-regulations. 

Unfortunately, many of the existing plugins do not meet the requirements and therefore only give false impression of security. 

Read more about Cookie plugins for WordPress sites

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